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Load Bank Tested

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Load Bank Testing Services

 A load bank test places a contained, organized, and fully controllable load that mimics a real load on your generator or UPS. Moxy Power Systems provides resistive and reactive (inductive and capacitive) load bank testing services to gauge your equipment’s health and performance reliability. A load bank test is the only way to determine if your generator or batteries will handle the load demanded of them during a power outage, and periodic load bank tests may be mandated based on your business! Let Moxy Power Systems perform the required test to satisfy your obligations.

A load bank test on your standby generator will indicate the engine’s ability to provide the required power; the alternator’s ability to provide the required voltage; the frequency stability; the efficiency of the control systems under varying load conditions; oil and fuel pressure; and the generator’s overall performance level. Conducting a load bank test will also correct “wet stacking” by removing deposits from pistons, engine castings and exhausts, identify any weak components and generate a report of the results.

A battery bank is only as strong as its weakest cell. A load bank test on your UPS system will communicate if an individual cell in the bank is not holding a charge or is ready to fail, which could be due to the fact that that the cell has simply lived out its life or could be an indication of a bigger problem.  (Read more about UPS systems.)

With the load bank test information in hand, Moxy Power Systems can analyze the data and recommend any necessary repairs to your generator or UPS – when they are needed and before it is critical.

Our load bank testing services are part of our preventive maintenance packages, and, ideally, they should be part of your maintenance program. A load bank test can be an independent, stand alone service, but only in order to assess your power system’s health and get you compliant.

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