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Portable Generators

A portable generator is a very affordable option, but it only allows for the operation of a few vital electrical items. Portable generators are on wheels and can be moved to any desired location. They typically run off of gasoline or diesel fuel and should never be used in an enclosed area due to carbon monoxide poisoning. They must be manually switched on and off and will handle a small load of basic circuits. An electrical cord is run from the generator to the equipment or appliance requiring power, like a refrigerator, well water pump, computer or entertainment equipment. The addition of a portable generator can take your tailgate party or camp site to a luxury level!

When deciding on a portable generator for your home or small business, determine what you would absolutely need in the event of a power outage and what you could live without for a few days. Check the manufacturer information for the wattage of each necessary appliance and total all the watts to determine the right size generator. If you stay aware of your energy consumption, and hold to using the wattage limit of the generator, a portable generator could work for you. Moxy Power Systems can help determine the starting and running watts you’ll need and what size generator is appropriate for your application.

Remember, connecting a portable generator directly to your household wiring can be deadly. Moxy Power Systems can install a manual transfer switch to safely tie into selected circuits of your main electrical panel. If a portable generator is running and power is restored, the power company’s electricity cannot get to those isolated circuits until the generator is turned off and the manual transfer switch is reset to the non-backup position.

Think you need a more robust, yet still mobile generator option? Check out our towable generators.

Contact us for competitive pricing on a portable generator for your home, campsite, outdoor event, small business, job site or farm and for pricing on the installation of a manual transfer switch.