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You have a substantial financial investment in your standby or UPS system. Make sure your generator is ready to perform when you need it most by following a well designed and manufacturer specified periodic maintenance and exercise program and by conducting associated load bank tests. Don’t be fooled by providers who offer only the most basic of maintenance services. If you want the security of a truly healthy system, then exhaust, fuel, start batteries and control systems must be checked and maintained in addition to the fluid levels, oil pressure, and coolant temperatures.

If your power system includes a battery bank and ancillary products (rectifier/charger/inverter), then your business or application demands uninterrupted power. Moxy Power Systems can keep your batteries healthy and ready to bridge the gap before the generator kicks in with our stored power maintenance solutions. We’ll keep your batteries charged, clean, load tested and electrolyte levels properly maintained to manufacturer specifications.

For our commercial clientele, if you have equipment in multiple locations, let Moxy Power Systems maintain and load bank test all your standby and UPS systems. We’ll streamline reporting to corporate and local or state agencies, lighten the load on your administrative team and reduce repair costs by keeping your power systems functioning optimally. In addition, we can make sure you are in compliance with your industry’s governing bodies.

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Following is a sampling of our most popular preventive maintenance service offerings. Moxy Power Systems can also custom design a program to meet your specific requirements.

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