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Prime/Continuous Generators

Continuous and prime power generators are used in remote locations where grid power is greatly limited or not available at all, such as oil riggers, ships and in mining operations. They function as the main source of power and are designed to operate continuously for extended periods of time with either a consistent load (continuous generator) or variable load (prime generator).

Since prime and continuous generators run continuously, they have no opportunity to shut down and cool off. To keep them from overheating, a water cooling system surrounds the unit in order to pull heat away from the generator and alternator. In addition, air filtration systems must be incorporated into the design to keep dust particles out of the engine since the generator cannot be shut down in order for internal components to be cleaned, serviced or replaced.

If you are entirely dependent on a generator for power, it is wise to have two identical prime/continuous generator installed. In the event the main generator fails, the other will kick in automatically. A possible and more economical option would be to have a standby generator as the back-up power source. Should the prime/continuous generator fail; the load (or a portion of it) would transfer to the standby generator until a proper repair is made. Bear in mind, a standby generator can only run for the amount of time for which it is rated; it cannot run continuously.

Let Moxy Power Systems make a professional assessment and recommendation for your situation. We can provide design and turn key installation services for your continuous rated and/or standby generator power needs.

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